Personalized Photo Collage

Collage gifts are really trending. Pretty much every other lifestyle brand seems to be doing them. At Bags...

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How to Create a Personalized Photo Collage Gift

The photo collage gifts market is huge, but designing a personalized photo collage shouldn't feel like a daunting task. So, we have developed a photo collage maker software to make this task easy. Simply upload your photos on our online interface, and it automatically creates montages in a variety of random styles including heart montage canvas. It's an on-line montage maker that doesn't need to be downloaded, and is easy to use. Give it a try and create your own montage. But first, please look at all the wonderful products you can make collage on. We have a wide range of photo collage gift products to buy. As well as the free montage app, we also include a photo collage maker free poster download for every product you design in our photo collage software. The poster will give you a sense of what your collage photo gifts will look like, and help fix any issues before you place your order. Below we list the steps you must follow to create your picture collage gifts.

Step 1: Click 'Start Design' to start creating your custom picture collage. To add images/text, click the product preview in the design interface

Step 2: Use the menu at the top to either upload images or choose photos from your Facebook and Instagram profiles. (You must be signed in to access your albums)

Step 3: If you are creating a custom photo collage by uploading images from your desktop/device, then highlight all the files you want to use in your photo collage. For social media photos, we pull in your Facebook albums and Instagram profile, so simply click on photos to select them. 

Step 4: You'll then have the option to select and deselect images before you place them on your design. This is handy if you've accidentally uploaded a photo you didn't intend to. Individually select or click 'Select All' to save time. 

Step 5: Click 'Create Photo Montage with XX Photos'. You can choose a ready made photo collage style, such as 'Scatter' 'Heart Frame' 'Photo Frame' etc. Press 'Mix it Up' for a different arrangement, or alternatively, click 'Do it Yourself' to rearrange the photos in your preferred order. 

Step 6: Preview your product to make sure you're happy with it before you proceed to checkout. As it is a 'custom photo collage' the final responsibility of the design lies with you. So make sure you have checked everything before hitting the pay button.

Your photo collage gifts are lovingly handmade in our factory in London. Once we receive your order, we will ship your products within 2-3 days. A photo collage present is a trip down nostalgia lane for the one receiving it. Everyone loves looking at old pictures. So, what can be better than having a product with our loved ones' favourite photos on it, that they can use and loving look upon at all times?

When you've got various photos from a special event or holiday, it's hard to choose just one to frame and display in your home. This is where the luxury of a custom photo collage comes handy. Our exclusive online photo montage maker instantly creates gorgeous collages so you don't have to face this dilemma again. Anything from canvas prints and blankets to handbags and mugs can be designed with a photo montage, bringing your home and fashion accessories to life. They make great gifts for friends, especially when there's a few golden oldies thrown into the mix guaranteed to bring memories flooding back. Simply upload several photos and select one of the ready-made collage styles, or have fun moving the images around yourself to create an original design. Picture collage gifts are not only functional but filled with nostalgia which makes them extra special.

Photo Montage Gifts Examples

Collage photo gifts are all the rage when it comes to gifting ideas. We are one of the most experienced montage maker product producers around. We have montaged millions of photos and turned the resulting collages into hundreds of thousands of unique photo collage products, such as photo montage canvas or photo collage cushion. Our collage maker app is free to try so you can make a collage on any of our products. Mix it up and try it on another product. Keep going in our photo collage app until you are happy with the look of it. Then we will make and send your collage gifts fast.


So, what are you waiting for? Head to our design software and create your collage gifts today! Whether its a birthday, a wedding present, Christmas or any other celebratory occasion - photo collage gifts never disappoint.