Personalized Photo Tray

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Personalized Photo Tray

Custom Photo Serving Tray

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You can design a photo tray full of color and pattern or using some of your favorite images. This personal...

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    Everything made to order

Design Your Own Photo Serving Tray

  • 4 sizes for multiple uses
  • Robust & scratch proof personalized lap tray
  • Add collage or single photo and words
  • Glossy surface, Wipes clean
  • Plastic personalized trays with full color print
  • 3 year guarantee

Our custom photo trays provide a number of services to your home.

Bring out a personalized tray full of drinks or snacks, display some unique art or beautiful photos, or just eat a meal on your photo serving tray. And you can design your own serving tray however you like, using meaningful poems, the kids' artwork, or just a lovely photo that you like. We also print a customizable logo on the bottom of the tray so you can add a personal message or your own branding.
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Large - 17.6 oz, 6.75" x 13"
  • Small - 2.8 oz, 10.5" x 8"
  • Slim - 7.8 oz, 16.75" x 5.25"
  • Desk Tidy - 8" x 4.5"
  • Made from scratch-proof plastic
  • Customize the logo on the back
  • Personalized tray with a gloss finish, easy to clean
  • Made and printed to order

Care instructions

Hand wash only.

  • Hand Wash

Photo Serving Tray Dimensions:

  • Small Rectangle Custom Tray: 10.5" x 8" handy for afternoon tea and biscuits
  • Large Rectangle Custom Tray: 16.75" x 13" ideal for lap and carrying full meal setting
  • Long Slim Custom Tray: 16.75" x 5.25" for displaying cut sandwiches, sofa arm, implements 
  • Small Desk Custom Tray: 8" x 4.5" for pens, tape measure, clips, keys

Care For Your Custom Tray: You are going to love your personalized serving tray. It's very glossy with deep tough print so can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and look pristine. Rinse and wipe by hand. Do not use a dishwasher. You will find it hard to damage the print, and we give a 3-year guarantee on print, and product structure. Made in one to two days. We do not advise to use your personalized tray for extremely hot dishes over 194°F. If you do so, the material will start to soften/distort. Cups of tea and coffee are of course, absolutely fine.

Who Would Love a Photo Tray Gift?

These personalized photo trays are so convenient and can be used in any way you want. Treat grandma to a personalized tray for the side table, ideal for keeping keys, tickets or bus passes and makes great personalized photo gifts. Give your family’s dinnertime a makeover with a personalized photo tray for each member, customized with everyone’s name so there are no squabbles over who gets the last photo tray. Dads, husbands, and brothers will love a small custom photo tray to keep their loose change in, and we’re pretty sure the rest of the household will appreciate not having to hear the jingling of money every time they get up!

Custom Lap Trays for Relaxation and Entertainment

Personalized trays for relaxation and entertainment bring style and functionality together, providing the ultimate comfort for your leisure time. Personalized designs and ease of use make them a delightful addition to any home or a thoughtful gift for loved ones. Whether it's entertainment, crafting, or dining, a custom lap tray enhances the way you relax and enjoy your favorite activities.

Quantity Discount

Like many of our products, the photo tray comes with a quantity discount, so why not buy the whole set today and save money.

Handmade to order

Your personalized serving tray is formed and printed to order by our expert print technicians. Your photograph or design are printed edge-to-edge using our specialist digital printing process, so your personalized tray images have a long life. Everything is finished by hand to make sure your personalized serving tray is nothing short of perfect. Photos print sharply, so even high-definition images will look ready to pop out from the personalized tray! We also print a custom logo or message permanently onto the surface of your tray. 

Make it yours

When you design your own photo serving trays, plan for your image to be centered and ensure any fine details are away from the curved lip to avoid distortion. If you’re prepping for a work or promotional event, choose to print your brand logo on the back of the tray.

A photo tray for eating looks great when printed with mouth-watering images of tasty meals, so even if you are laying off the carbs, at least you’re not missing out entirely! Keeping with the food theme, print various quotes from the best chefs onto dinner lap trays that will inspire you to rustle up more delicious food.

The long slim rectangle photo serving tray is ideal for offering canapes and hors-d'oeuvres when you’re entertaining guests or line up your champagne flutes for a stunning display. Customize the custom-made tray with a photo collage of wine labels for a chic and arty design.

Custom printed trays are so eye-catching when designed as a photo collage tray. Design your own serving tray with holiday snaps, wedding pictures or even a collection of celebrity crush images, the photo tray gift is both practical and meaningful. This photo tray is great to design as face presents.

The photo tray is a cool novelty gift for your creative colleague, or buy one as a hint to your messy co-worker! Their compact, cute size also makes these small photo serving trays a nice feature for your mom’s or wife’s dressing tables. They’ll be eternally grateful to have a place to keep all their hair ties or spare buttons that always seem to disappear. Print patterns on the custom-made tray to suit their style, such as vintage floral or blingtastic!

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