Custom Bedding & Bed Cushions

Get the perfect nights sleep, every night, with your very own personalized bedding & cushions. Soft, luxurious and completely unique custom bedding.

personalized bedding

Design Your Own Bedding for a Heavenly Sleep

There's nothing much better than fresh sheets, plump cushions and a beautifully made duvet waiting for you every night. Even the thought of it makes us feel all warm inside! Our personalized bedding and cushions range elevates your nightly regime to the next level because it's designed by you. Printed with your photos, original artwork or designs that perfectly complement your home decor, custom bedding transforms your room into a truly unique space. From pillowcases and luxury silk cushions to duvet covers and bed sheets, we have everything you need to make your bedroom the sanctuary you've been dreaming of.

Available in different sizes to suit your home, this range is perfect for re-decorating your children's bedrooms. Personalized bed covers printed with images of their favorite sport, animals or cartoons with their name on gives your kids their own sense of identity and private space. Handmade to order, everything from the quality of the stitching to overall fabric finish is done with love and care by our artisan seamstresses.