Create A Picture Puzzle With Your Photos

Have you ever wanted to turn photos into jigsaw puzzles? At Bags of Love, your wish is our command. Our ra...

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Design A Picture Puzzle For A Unique Gift

Gift giving can either be a pleasure, or a chore, depending on who the gift is for. This is why creating a picture puzzle is such a wonderful idea. When you design your own jigsaw with Bags of Love, you can create a unique and memorable gift, that will be treasured for a life time. These fun and sentimental puzzles work for any gift giving occasion. Your photo puzzle is available in a variety of styles and materials. From larger jigsaws with up to 1,000 pieces, to adorable jigsaws for babies with just 4 pieces, these fun puzzles are sure to be loved by everyone. We even have a heart shaped puzzle, which is just perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or even proposals. 

We make a wide variety of picture puzzles in different sizes and materials, including recycled wood and plastic, to reinforced cardboard and felt.

Some of the puzzle options include:

  • Puzzle Coaster - 4 pieces
  • Photo Jigsaw - 30, 96 or 1,000 pieces
  • Heart Jigsaw - 32 or 75 pieces
  • Baby Jigsaw - 4 pieces
  • Tangram - 7 pieces
  • Plastic Puzzle - 12, 16, 36 or 48 pieces

A Picture Puzzle For Everyone

When it comes to memorable and thoughtful gifts, a photo jigsaw puzzle really does have it all. That is why we wanted to create jigsaws that would appeal to everyone in the family, no matter their age or ability level. For very little ones, our baby jigsaw will make a fun, interactive and stimulating gift. Made from four chunky puzzle pieces, it is the ideal size for slightly less coordinated hands, and is the perfect way to stimulate their imagination and to work on hand-eye coordination. Print a family photo or a picture of mummy or daddy's face, and watch their eyes light up as they piece it together.

If you want to treat your other half to a unique anniversary gift, then have a go at designing our special heart puzzle. There are 2 sizes to choose from, and it comes complete in a pretty pouch. Print a photo from your wedding day, and don't forget the lovie-dovie message to go with it. For puzzle fanatics, there is our personalized tangram puzzle. This ancient Chinese dissection puzzle is great fun to put together in different ways. 

Propose With A Puzzle

You've thought about it long and hard. You've made your decision. You want to ask the love of your life to marry you. Now that you have decided that they are definitely "the one," there is only one thing left to consider. Just how are you going to pop the question? It looks so easy in the movies; a big romantic setting, a little bit of drama, and then, a happy ever after. We understand that you want to find a unique and memorable way to ask your love to marry you. This is where picture puzzles come in. Choose from one of our beautiful, handmade puzzles (we can't help but suggest the heart shaped puzzle - but any of them would be great), and start thinking up your design. The tangram puzzle would also be a fun choice to propose with, as it's a bit of a brain buster to put together. Consider using a special photo as the background, and then write those magical words. When the time is ready to ask the question, give them their new puzzle and hold your breath while they piece it together. Good luck!