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Black and White Canvas Prints

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Black and White Canvas Prints

Black and White Canvas Photos

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Looking for a simple but classy addition to your wall? Our black and white canvas prints use Dye Sublimati...

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Black and White Canvas Prints from Photos

  • Striking and stylish
  • Free conversion from color to black and white
  • Premium matte finish
  • Choice of three wrap styles
  • High-quality print

Design your own black and white canvas prints for a super chic wall hanging that goes with any color scheme.

Any photo looks amazing when printed in monochrome, whether it’s a family portrait or a picture of your pet, so treat your home to some black and white canvas art. Your custom black and white canvas photos are all handmade to order. Our specialist digital printing processes locks the grey scale color into the white canvas for a long-lasting print that resists fading. We hand trim the fabric to size and mount onto our custom wooden frames to meet your bespoke size.
  • Customize your black and white canvas painting size
  • Min dimension 11.81"
  • Max dimension 78.74"
  • Select height & width individually
  • Choice of 2 depths
  • Select your style of image wrap
  • Convert color photos in B&W
  • Artistic, contemporary look
  • Handmade black & white canvas prints 

Care instructions

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

    Your Photos Converted to Black And White Art

    We can convert any color images to black and white prints for free to create a timeless canvas photo print. We take great care to make sure your black and white wall art still looks stunning, and that no colors are washed out or too dark. Our color-fast printing technology is guaranteed to impress and your black and white canvas prints will last years and years. We use Dye Sublimation technology, which means we can print a full range of blacks and grays, giving your black & white canvas prints stunning contrast and a full tonal range.

    No matter what image you choose, creating black and white photo canvas photos will give any room a timeless and elegant touch.


    Black and White with a Dash of Color

    Too scared to go all out in black and white, or looking for a unique wall feature? Check out our Color Splash Canvas Prints, which add a pop of color to a classic black and white background. Tell our designers which area you wish to highlight in color on your black and white canvas painting and they will do it for you, creating a preview for your approval before printing. Black and white canvas art makes for a dynamic addition to any wall space and is sure to get people talking!

    The power of light and shadow in black and white canvas pictures

    Discover the sophistication and versatility of black and white photos on canvas as we explore into the world of perfect art that surpass time and trends. One of the significant features of black and white canvas pictures is the powerful contrast between light and shadow. The versatility of black and white photos on canvas makes them a perfect addition to any interior design aesthetic. From minimalist and modern spaces to classic and traditional settings, these black and white photo canvas seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, elevating the overall ambiance.

    Black and white beauty

    Your photo is printed onto the canvas fabric using a top of the range digital printing technique. Our trained technicians use a deep infusion printing method to bond eco-friendly inks deep into the fibers of the fabric to produce black and white wall art prints. 

    Our craftsmen hand make the frame, from FSC certified pinewood, as well as eight wedges for each canvas, and stretcher bars. When both the frame and fabric are ready, your black and white canvas wall art is then hand stretched to ensure the best result each and every time.

    Go mad for monochrome

    Choose your height and width dimensions separately, so you can create the right sized black and white canvas prints for you and your home. This means you can create square, portrait and landscape canvasses that meet your needs. You can also select which depth size you want, either 0.98" or 1.77", along with a choice of 3 image wrap styles.

    • Gallery wrap means some of your photo will be used to wrap around the edges
    • Mirror wrap means the part of the image near the edge is mirrored and used to wrap around the frame. With this wrap, your whole black and white canvas family photo is visible on the canvas front but with a gallery wrap appearance.
    • Color wrap means your photo or design stops at the edges are the sides are wrapped in a color of your choice.  

    If you don’t have a black and white photo, fear not. Our image editor can convert your color photos for your black and white canvas wall art.

    Transform your favorite wedding photo into a demure black and white canvas print. This is a popular filter because it shows off your beautiful white wedding dress. Create a black and white canvas art as a personalized photo gift for your Mom and Dad’s anniversary, or your friends’ engagement; choose a cute nostalgic photo from when they first got together.

    For a contemporary take on the classic pet portrait, turn it into a striking piece of black and white canvas art. On a solid color wall, this will look stunning. Any animal lover would love this hung up in their home, taking pride of place above the fireplace. Or create a black and white canvas photos collage featuring their beloved pet. 

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