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Fabric Swatch Pack

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Fabric Swatch Pack

Printed Fabric Swatches

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Discover the jewel of all fabrics in our fabric swatch pack. Test out the premium quality, look and feel o...

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    Everything made to order

  • Mixed with 100+ high-quality fabrics
  • Pre-printed digital fabric swatches
  • Leather, Classic, Natural and Paper options
  • 3" x 3" square fabric/paper
  • 2" x 2" square leather
  • Ready printed full set of our labels
  • 3 ink color charts available

Discover the right fabric for you from our collection of 4 fabric swatch packs.

Each pocket-sized pack features printed fabric swatches from our wide fabric range. The detailed and colorful print on the samples will help you compare the differences in surface texture and print quality. We print fabric swatches in our London studio to introduce you to fabrics that suit the needs of your project exactly. Whether you are looking for premium velvet, matte paper, or something unique like neoprene, you can find them in our practical fabric swatch packs.
  • Choose from 4 different packs
  • Paper - nearly 10 to choose from
  • Natural - over 10 to choose from
  • Classic - over 80 to choose from
  • Leather - currently 5 to choose from
  • 3-inch squares, pre-printed
  • 2-inch leather squares
  • Each is printed with the material name
  • High-quality print fabric swatches
  • Premium reactive, sublimation & pigment ink color charts
  • All fabrics are pre-printed for easy comparison
  • Test each fabric’s print quality and handle
  • New customers receive a gift voucher with packs*

Printed Fabric Swatches

As well as being pocket-sized and practical, we’ve also made your choice of fabric even easier by printing the names of each fabric on the samples. So when you’re ready to make an order, we’re here to craft custom printed fabric to suit the needs of your project exactly. Ultimately, our fabric swatch packs are designed to help you visualize the look of any of our 113 fabrics. On top of our digital fabric swatches, we offer samples of our fabric labels which may be useful to you.

We try to mix as many of our fabrics as possible in the fabric sample packs. But since we often add new fabrics to our collections, there are rare cases in which some swatch packs do not include the newest printed fabric swatches. If you find that you are missing a fabric, please contact our customer service team via web chat, phone call or email, and we’ll be more than happy to find a solution for you. 

You can also choose to order new color charts (14" x 25.5" approx. size) with our swatch pack.

Our 3 charts have longer cuts of specific fabrics printed using different methods: Pigment, Sublimation, and Reactive. The charts include hex code references and icons to indicate which ink set they’re being printed with, too.

    • Pigment inks printed on our Cotton Satin 5.07oz fabric   
    • Sublimation inks printed on our Monroe Satin 4.72oz fabric   
    • Reactive inks printed on our Janice Poplin Organic Cotton 3.98oz fabric  

For an in-depth view of our inks on each material, you can also order a color chart for any one of our fabrics here

Choose your Fabric Swatch Pack

The Classic Swatch Pack
This extensive selection features our wide range of beautiful man-made fabrics. From weaves to knits and velvet to lace, you will love sifting through these beautiful textiles.
The Natural Swatch Pack
Enjoy our range of elegant and bespoke natural fabrics with this swatch pack. You will find organic cotton, real silk, lovely linen, and more all ready to be printed with your designs.

The Leather Swatch Pack

Real Leather

Made from 100% real leather, see the thickness and texture and feel the handle of these beautiful leathers for yourself. The leather swatch pack is a smaller 2" x 2" size. We source the best leathers from our tanneries for printing on. Includes bovine-calf leather as well as cows leather and use the most up to date printing technique, specifically for leather printing, to ensure great color reproduction and fine detailing. 
The Paper Swatch Pack
As well as customized fabric, we also offer a wide range of fully customized papers; textured wallpaper, glossy satin finishes and lots more.

Samples of Clothing Labels For Sewing Designers

Try our samples of clothing labels so you can get the idea before ordering a larger quantity for your handmade items. Other label offerings are expensive, with narrow choice, minimal color options, and have high quantity requirements, but we help you test the idea of labels with minimal outlay. Our printed finished labels are not expensive and start at 20 single labels, making it a cost-effective way for you to try custom printed fabric labels. If you prefer, then go straight for our short-run clothing labels order system where you can design them in full color, with text. Either way, you get your labels in a few days. Our printed labels service is ideal for makers and sewing bees for professional look own brand labels. These display both flat and folded labels in a variety of sizes. 13 different labels to choose from, all supplied in a handy presentation pack. Launch a business with us with hardly any expense, starting with this handy sample set.
Order your set of clothing label samples and get a $15 gift voucher to use on your next order of custom labels. This offer is for new customers only who have not previously ordered with us before. Voucher can only be used once and expires after 30 days. 

Fabric Print Offer and Discounts

Order your Fabric Swatch Pack with or without color charts and get a $10 gift voucher to use on your next fabric or leather print order.* 
*Voucher cannot be used for test prints or samples. Minimum spend: $25. Offer exclusive to new customers only and can only be used once. Voucher expires after 30 days.

Please note: The first time customer offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount. This includes the wholesale discount and any other offers.

Made for comparison

We print a standard design onto the range of printed fabric swatches that we offer. We use the same digital printing method we use for the fabrics that you order and the same design on each fabric to help you compare the handle and print quality. We also print the ID number and name of each fabric on the custom fabric swatches so you can easily locate the fabric you’d like to use.

The printed fabrics and paper are then cut into 3 x 3-inch (7 x 7 cm) squares with pinked edges and are placed in handy packs before they’re sent out to you. The printed leathers are cut into 2 x 2-inch (5.5 x 5.5 cm) squares, again with pinked edges.

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