Custom Printed Gifts: Books, Albums, Gift Wrap etc.

Design your own custom printed gifts: books, albums, cards, gift wrap and photo books online for a unique present to send a loved one. Find & design all your special paper based products here…

photo book printing

Make Your Own Photo Book & Custom Printed Gifts

Our range of photo albums, organizers, custom cards & wrapping paper have been exclusively designed by us at Bags of Love, but you get to do the fun bit - print you photos, patterns, artwork, messages etc to make a stunning gift that is 100% unique to you. Create photo books online for a thoughtful gift to your partner, featuring your favorite pictures from throughout your relationship/marriage. Whilst our personalized books come with an optional presentation box or tin, you can also design gift wrap for a funky unusual to all the bland paper you see in the shops. This is particularly apt for special anniversaries, Valentine's day or a milestone birthday.

All personalized books and albums are bound using traditional binding methods, making them extremely unique as such techniques aren't widely practiced due to all the technology that's around. Using our design tool online photo books can be printed with anything you like - family photos, messages, graphic designs - so you can really tailor it to your gift recipient's personality. Make your own photo book for a bedtime story, customize cards to put more meaning behind your words and create personalized book for a unique twist on a photo album. Browse our range of paper based products and create something magical that lasts a lifetime.