Custom Athletic Wear

Browse a range of workout clothes for men with customisable options and use your photos and memories to create your very own custom athletic wear

Custom Athletic Wear for men

Our custom athletic wear is designed exclusively for us, by our in-house designer. Every part of each garment has been carefully thought out, from the cut to the fabric options chosen right down to the type of hem that is used. Everything is sized up and down so that we can offer a full range of sizes to suit even more body types and then we record the measurements of these sizes in both inches and centimeters to put in a handy chart for you. Personalized men's activewear is all created with your needs at the forefront of the focus. 

Personalized workout gear

The garments, once complete are all loaded onto the systems for you as a customer to see. But we don't like to assume we know what you want, so we leave the design a completely blank canvas for you. You can use your favorite photos and memories and even designs and artwork to create stunning personalized workout clothes for men. Wherever possible we have left as many of the options for customization to you, from the fabric that is used down to the even finer details such as the zip or drawstring color, or even the color of the thread used for any visible stitching. 

A brief history of men's activewear

Sports or athletic wear can, for the most part, be split into two categories: activewear and fashion sportswear. Activewear is designed specifically to be worn for a specific sport or physical activity. Fashion sportswear consists of garments that are made with a relaxed design in mind - similar to that of sportswear for activities - but for the fashion market rather than the sports one. In recent years, this pre-1920s trend is becoming popular again and that has seen the birth of a new trend which is most commonly known as athleisure. Athleisure sees the use of clothing designed to be worn during specific athletic activities, being worn instead in casual settings, from socializing to work and school. 

Workout clothes for men

One of the best things about designing clothes specifically for a purpose is that you can bear that in mind when choosing your components, whether that is the decision on either a button or zip fastening, or making a selection on which fabrics to use. This means that when you need something that is airy and quick drying, we know which fabric to use for that, and if it needs to be something with super amounts of stretch and recovery, we can pick the right fabric for that. 

Fabrics need to be unrestrictive and lightweight regardless of the sport you're taking part in, with very few exceptions. Another key feature for any kind of bespoke gym wear for men is that it needs to have both temperature and moisture control. You'll need something that keeps you warm when it's colder, and then cools you down when it's warmer. You'll also need it to draw sweat away from the skin. 

Workout Gear for men

Never have to choose again between athletic and leisure wear. Our personalized gym wear for men is made with ultimate comfort, unrivaled practicality and with the addition of your stunning photo designs, are at the height of fashion and style too. Perfectly tailored to be breathable, unrestrictive and shaped for the male physique, gym wear for men has never been so luxurious. 

In a broad range of sizes, fabrics and with a multitude of detailing options, you can create your very own personalized gym wear for men that is as unique and special as the wearer.