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Framed Photo Prints

Personalized Framed Prints Online

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Make your photos stand out in a new and exciting way with framed photo prints. Not only do these framed pr...

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Personalized Framed Gifts Features

  • 2 frame styles available
  • Black, white, gold and natural oak finishes
  • Various size and dimensions options
  • Crystal clear and shatterproof acrylic pane
  • Museum quality giclee print
  • 5 year guarantee (if kept out of direct sunlight)

Turn boring walls into brilliant walls with these personalized framed prints.

Design framed photo prints online with Bags of Love and see your special photos in a whole new light. These striking prints are available in a wide range of sizes. We take the hassle of framing your photos away from you, giving you the option to print your images and frame them in stylish box frames in one simple step. The FSC frames come in your choice of matt black or matte white and a Rococo style frame that's available in 3 colors. The pane is made from anti-glare acrylic. The framed photo gifts’ material not only looks great, but is lightweight, durable, and shatterproof (ideal for post/delivery and for high traffic households). You can also choose to print on smooth paper or textured paper, which is similar to watercolor paper. Both are archival museum-quality, expertly selected for their reproduction abilities, and 100% acid-free. The smooth option has a pure white base color while the textured paper has a natural, off-white color that adds character to your art print. We print your photos in full color and give you the option of border widths to give the images a truly luxe finish. To make installation a breeze, we also include cord hangings and fixings with your personalized framed photos order.
  • Beautiful custom framed prints
  • Rococo frame in white, black, or gold
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • High-quality fine art paper
  • Two paper options: smooth or textured
  • Acid and lignin free, archival standard
  • Museum standard print quality
  • Matte white or matte black frame
  • 1/2", 1" or 2" white border
  • Anti-glare acrylic pane
  • High-quality Giclée printing method
  • Cord hangings and fixings included
  • Giclée print

Care instructions

Wipe with a dry lint free cloth

  • Wipe with a lint free cloth
  • Avoid chemical cleaners

Two Choices

You can choose between two types of frames for your personalized framed photos:

Matte Black or Matte White Frame:

This classic frame is modern and elegant: perfect for letting your artwork do all the talking. Both the black and white options have a 1.4in depth to give your photos perspective and impact. They also come in a variety of sizes to fit any print you'd like.

Rococo Style Ornate Frame:

These swept frames add a touch of grandeur to any home. You have the option to choose from three colors: black, white, or for those who are bolder, gold. All of these Rococo-style frames are 15.4in x 18.3in and have a 1.6in depth.

What Will My Prints Look Like?

Ultra stylish and totally bespoke, these custom framed prints online will add depth, elevation, and unique touch to your photos. The choice of matte black or matte white frame will give your images a contemporary finish and the acrylic pane will add a chic shine. The depth and vibrancy of color produced by our specialist Giclée printing method will bring new life to your photos. A custom framed print is a great way to give your prints perspective, as they are placed at the back of the frame. This gives the photo framed prints a 3D effect that you will love. 

Product size chart Box Frame Art Prints
Frame size8x10" 23 - 28 cm
9 - 11 "
8x8" 23 - 23 cm
9 - 9 "
12x12" 33 - 33 cm
12.9 - 12.9 "
16x16" 43 - 43 cm
16.9 - 16.9 "
24x24" 63 - 63 cm
24.8 - 24.8 "
12x16" 33 - 43 cm
12.9 - 16.9 "
16x24" 43 - 63 cm
16.9 - 24.8 "
24x36" 63 - 94 cm
24.8 - 37 "
Print size8x10" 20.3 - 25.4 cm
8 - 10 "
8x8" 20.3 - 20.3 cm
7.9 - 7.9 "
12x12" 30.4 - 30.4 cm
11.97 - 11.97 "
16x16" 40.6 - 40.6 cm
15.9 - 15.9 "
24x24" 60.9 - 60.9 cm
23.9 - 23.9 "
12x16" 30.4 - 40.6 cm
11.9 - 15.9 "
16x24" 40.6 - 60.9 cm
15.9 - 23.9 "
24x36" 60.9 - 91.4 cm
23.9 - 35.9 "
Visible print size8x10" 19.1 - 24.2 cm
7.5 - 9.5 "
8x8" 19.1 - 19.1 cm
7.5 - 7.5 "
12x12" 29.2 - 29.2 cm
11.4 - 11.4 "
16x16" 39.4 - 39.4 cm
15.5 - 15.5 "
24x24" 59.7 - 59.7 cm
23.5 - 23.5 "
12x16" 29.2 - 39.4 cm
11.5 - 15.5 "
16x24" 39.4 - 59.7 cm
15.5 - 23.5 "
24x36" 59.7 - 90.2 cm
23.5 - 35.5 "
  • Frame size Overall size of wooden frame
  • Print size Overall size of printed paper
  • Visible print size Size of visible printed paper

Product size chart Premium Framed Art Prints
 12x15" Swept Frame
Black Scoop Frame Size12x15" Swept Frame 36.7 - 44.4 cm
14.4 - 17.4 "
Classic Gold Frame Size12x15" Swept Frame 33.8 - 41.4 cm
13.3 - 16.3 "
Natural Oak Frame Size12x15" Swept Frame 33.8 - 41.4 cm
13.3 - 16.3 "
Print Size12x15" Swept Frame 30.48 - 38.1 cm
12 - 15 "
Size of Visible Printed Paper (Full Frame)12x15" Swept Frame 29.5 - 36.8 cm
11.6 - 14.4 "
Size of Visible Printed Paper (1.5" Mount)12x15" Swept Frame 23.5 - 31 cm
9.25 - 12.2 "
  • Print Size Print Size (Overall size of printed paper)
  • Size of Visible Printed Paper (Full Frame) Size of Visible Printed Paper (Full Frame)
  • Size of Visible Printed Paper (1.5" Mount) Size of Visible Printed Paper (1.5" Mount)
Product size chart Classic Framed Art Prints
 14X18" (A4)
Full Frame size14X18" (A4) 36 - 44.7 cm
14.1 - 17.6 "
Full Print Size14X18" (A4) 24.6 - 33.3 cm
9.68 - 13.11 "
Visible Print Size.14X18" (A4) 24 - 32.7 cm
9.44 - 12.87 "
  • Full Frame size Total size of wooden frame
  • Full Print Size Total size of printed paper
  • Visible Print Size. Size of visible print

It all starts with your photos

Once you have uploaded your image, we print it onto your choice of beautiful, high-quality smooth or textured photo paper. The lightfast Giclée inks produce impeccable full color and a highly detailed finish. Your photo is printed with your choice of border width surrounding it. Once printed, we place your image into the back of the stylish box frame which comes in matte black or matte white or choose the Rococo style frame that comes in black, white, and gold. We then add a cord hanging and fixings to ensure easy installation at home. Everything is handmade by our skilled teams of designers and crafters.

Consider the sizing

It is important to consider the size of your photo as well as the size of the space you want to fill when creating your photo framed prints. You can print your images in either a landscape or a portrait orientation. Portrait works well with photos of people, while landscape orientation is a great choice for panoramic shots. The border width size is an ideal way to complement your photos and frame size, so make sure you are happy with how it will look using our online design interface.

Personalized framed prints are a quirky and fun way to print your photos. Framed photo gifts are the perfect way to show them off in a contemporary way. If your child is graduating from school or university, then print a copy of their certificate, as well as a photo of them in their graduation gown. You could even include a photo montage from their special day. These framed photo prints would make a memorable and treasured keepsake for your child to keep and show off for years to come.

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