Personalized Rugs

Give your home the love and flair it deserves by designing your very own printed photo rug. Our gorgeous s...

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Handmade Personalized Rugs

Imagine going home after a long day at work, slipping off your shoes and stepping onto a beautifully soft and cozy photo rug. Bliss. Custom printed rugs are a wonderful way to show off your design skills, your favorite photos, and your wonderful taste! Rugs are a fashionable and functional home accessory, that can bring style and warmth to any room in the house. At Bags of Love, we specialize in rug making, and our online design system allows you to print your own rug in a variety of styles and sizes. From runners to large rugs, you will love designing them and placing them around your home. If you have wooden or laminate floors and are worried about your rug slipping underfoot, then fear not; your new rug has an anti-slip reverse that will keep it in place. 

Our personalized rugs are made by hand at the Bags of Love studio. Our skilled team of technicians work together to print, cut, and stitch your rug, to ensure a seamless and faultless finish.

Here are some of the main features of these handcrafted rugs:

  • Anti-slip latex sponge base
  • Thick, soft pile
  • Optional cotton fringe
  • 0.24" thickness
  • A variety of size options
  • Printed edge to edge with your designs

How Your Rug Is Made

It's not just how your rug looks, but how it is made. Unlike mass produced styles, your rug is made with the utmost care by a team of skilled technicians and artisans. We have tested out various designs of rugs through the production process, so we understand how important it is to make your rug perfect. The base of your rug is crafted from a durable anti-slip latex sponge. This will give your feet plenty of cushioning and will prevent your rug from slipping about on the floor. To give the rug extra strength and resilience, we add a jute rug binder. Finally, your photos and designs are printed onto our beautiful velvet shimmer fabric. This makes the pile of the photo rug, and it is a lovely fabric to walk on, sit on, and stroke. It has a lustrous sheen will show off your photos perfectly. 

A Photo Rug for Every Room in the House

How we decorate our home is a reflection of ourselves. Your style is applied to your clothing and your home decor, so why not customize it to show off personality? Our rugs come in 6 different sizes and styles, so you can incorporate them into pretty much any floor space in your house. You could even print your own rug for every room. If you have children, then create a design for each of them. Include their name, photos or maybe even images of their favorite singers, movies, or football team. Choose a color scheme that will match their bedroom and they can treat their feet to something with their name written all over it. For teenagers who "just need their space," then give them a personalized rugs to make sure everyone knocks before entering their room! Our bedside rug can be customized with photos and text. Design one to put just outside of their bedroom door, to let people know if it is safe to enter their teenage lair.

For those awkward, long hallways, a runner rug is the way to go. One of our most popular custom printed rugs is the hallway runner, which is long and slim. Give guests somewhere soft to walk on once they've taken their shoes off and welcome them into your home with a beautiful photo rug. Add the tassel fringing to give your runner an extra stylish finish. If you have a large floor space that you want to fill, then go for our XL style. At 50.4" x 114.17", this giant beauty is sure to give that empty space warmth, elegance, and personality.