Custom Gloves

Create custom gloves for every season with our luxury range. Upload your photos, images and text to create...

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Handmade Custom Gloves

Your personalized gloves are lovingly handmade to order instead of mass-produced. We also use only the finest sustainable materials including eco-friendly inks to print your design. Unlike the majority of gloves which are machine-made, our gloves are made one by one from artisan glovers. This human and ethical approach provides a quality that cannot be emulated by machines. Design your own photo gloves and enjoy the outdoors with snug and happy hands.

  • Lovingly handmade to order
  • Multiple size options available
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Fully customizable options
  • Print front and back
  • Printed with eco-friendly inks
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Reusable & washable
  • Stylish & protective
  • Upload images, photos and text
  • Print on demand gloves
  • Out-of-the-box photo gifts
custom gloves

Lovingly Handmade

As consumer demand goes up, quality comes down. This is the problem with many glove makers who have resorted to mass-producing gloves. Fortunately, we craft all our custom gloves one by one, we also handmake every single one. While this means we do not benefit from mass production, we can proudly say each and every glove is made with love, the skill of artisan glovers, and the finest materials.

oven glove

Sustainably Sourced

All our custom gloves use sustainable materials for a clean and luxury glove. We only print-on-demand which means that we have significantly less clothing and fabric waste. All your personalized gloves are printed with eco-friendly inks for a complete and ethical glove.


Style for Any Season

Whether you are strolling in the spring, camping in the summer, running in the autumn, or late-night shopping in the winter, keeping your hands warm can mean the difference between enjoying yourself or wishing you were snug with a heated blanket in bed. Luckily, our custom gloves give you warmth when you need it most.

custom fleece gloves handmade

The Perfect Gift

Gloves are among the essential items in everyone's wardrobe. If you know someone who loves the outdoors or someone who gets notoriously cold, personalized gloves are a gift that does more than look great. It shows you have listened to their character and provided a stylish and functional gift.

design your own gloves

Get Creative

Our photo gloves are among the most customizable in the world. For example, the winter fleece glove is customizable on four sides, that is the front and back of each glove. Upload photos, images, and even text and get your creativity in full swing.

How your custom gloves are made

  • design tool and live preview

    Get started quickly using our simple designs tool with a live preview feature.

  • handmade and eco-friendly inks

    Hand-printed using responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly, long-lasting inks.

  • tracking orders and delivery options

    Track your order start to finish and choose from multiple delivery options, including Express.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where are my gloves made?

    All of the gloves are handmade to order in our studio. Our team consists of artisan glovers who make your gloves by hand in luxury and high-quality fashion.

  • Can I wash my gloves?

    You can machine wash your gloves up to 86F. Please be aware that you should not put your custom gloves in the tumble dryer as this may damage the shape and print-quality of your design.

  • Are different sizes available?

    All our gloves come in the range of S - 2XL. We advise that if you are close to the measurement limit of your glove that you purchase one size above for a more comfortable fit (the gloves have a tight-fitting style).

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