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Triptych Canvas Prints

Custom 3 Piece Canvas Art

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Triptych canvas prints are three-panel canvases with one image split into three parts. Take a photo or use...

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    Everything made to order

3 Piece Panel Canvas Print

  • Many different sizing options to fit your wall
  • Premium matte finish
  • Easy to use online design system
  • Buy two 3 piece wall art sets, get a 3rd FREE
  • Long-lasting print
  • 100% lifetime guarantee on all of our canvas

Custom triptych canvas prints make fascinating wall art pieces and beautiful home decor at attractive and affordable prices.

As with all of our triptych canvas prints, we use a special Dye Sublimation process which is what the professionals use. As a result, your custom 3 piece canvas art is of the highest quality and will not crack or break over time. We guarantee your 3 piece wall art will last a lifetime!
  • 3 piece canvas art
  • Modern triptych design
  • Choice of 12 sizes
  • Landscape or portrait 3 piece wall art
  • Print your business URL to back of frame
  • Or, add a personalized message
  • Clearly labeled in hanging order
  • Perfect alignment, panel to panel horizon match
  • Bespoke measurements on request
  • Mounted onto mitered stretcher frames
  • Print wraps around edges
  • Depth: 2.5cm (1”)
  • Full-color print
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 3 for 2 offer

Care instructions

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

    Custom 3 Piece Canvas Art

    Some things to watch out for are the crop panel cuts - i.e. where the breaks in your picture will occur. You can test this in our preview feature using our easy to use online design system. Our expert design team will manage and prepare the images in the best possible layout to make sure your original image is not lost when split into 3 piece wall art.

    Here are the best sizes and fits for triptychs, working with the common aspect ratio of most digital cameras as well as popular print sizes. Each canvas comes 1" deep, meaning it sticks out 1" from the wall. Alternatively, we do also sell Diptych 2-Panel Split Canvas Prints if that better suits your wall space or design. If your preferred size 3 piece wall art is not shown on this list, please contact us and we can work with you to create a size that fits your needs.


    Overall size (1" deep)Panel sizes
    35.5" x 12"3 panels 12" x 12"$89.09
    35.5" x 16"3 panels 12" x 16"$119.29
    47.5" x 16"3 panels 16" x 16"$135.90
    35.5" x 23.5"3 panels 12" x 23.5"$164.59
    71" x 12"3 panels 23.5" x 12"$164.59
    47.5" x 23.5"3 panels 16" x 23.5"$194.79
    47.5" x 31.5"3 panels 16" x 31.5"$169.00
    47.5" x 35.5"3 panels 16" x 35.5"$285.39
    59" x 39.5"3 panels 20" x 39.5"$317.10
    59" x 43.5"3 panels 20" x 43.5"$330.69
    71" x 55"3 panels 23.5" x 55"$375.99
    83" x 55"3 panels 27.5" x 55"$406.19

    Each set of 3 piece wall art come with mirror wrapping on the canvas being standard. This means that if you place the panels right next to each other, the image will be a perfectly complete image when looking straight-on. Generally, when hanging your Triptych canvas prints, there is at least a 1" gap to create a professional-looking design for any wall space.

    Transforming spaces with custom triptych canvas prints

    Triptych canvas prints are a unique form of wall art that consists of three panels, creating a captivating visual narrative when displayed together. Our 3 panel split canvas prints create a dynamic and eye-catching display by dividing the idea of a single image across three canvases. Triple canvas prints are an adaptable design feature that can effectively improve any space in your home or place of business. Beyond the standard, 3 panel canvas prints provide an extensive selection of themes, colors, and styles to suit a wide range of preferences. Choose a triptych canvas wall art piece today to add the classic charm to your room and bring the unmatched beauty of three panel canvas prints to life.

    Custom-made to order

    We use digital canvas printing to lock in the color, then trim the fabric to size, mounting your 3 panel split canvas prints by hand to the stretcher frames. We will mirror wrap the image to stop there from being a white border around your print. This means that each edge of your custom 3 piece canvas will have the image you have uploaded mirrored to wrap around the edges of the canvas.  

    Split canvas paintings are the perfect way to exhibit your own creative flair. Add triptych canvas prints to your portfolio and give your art a dynamic edge.

    Contemporary triptych design

    Some things to watch out for in your design are the crop panel cuts i.e. where the breaks in your picture will occur, but you can clearly preview this when designing. Our sizing options display the overall 3 frame size – from the start of the first panel to the edge of the third panel – as well as the individual panel sizes. If you have a bespoke sizing request, please get in touch.

    For artists and photographers, there’s the option to print your own website URL to the 3 piece wall art for reselling purposes, or if you’re buying this as a personalized photo gift, you can remove our Bags of Love website URL so they don’t know where you’ve bought it from.

    Recently got married? Treasure the special day and have your most-loved photograph made into custom triptych canvas prints. In full color or artistic black and white, this is a unique way to celebrate the start of your married life together.

    Panoramic shots of the beach or city skylines look fabulous as custom 3 piece canvas art. Hang them above your bed and let dreams of tropical sunsets and romantic holidays wash over you as you sleep.

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