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Custom Fabric Labels For Clothing

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Custom Fabric Labels For Clothing

Custom Clothing Labels

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Design your own custom fabric labels (100% Polyester) for crafts, handmade items, and your homemade fashio...

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Custom labels for clothing

  • Smooth satin artisan garment labels 5.60 oz
  • 13 sizes, sold in packs of 10+ (no set up fee)
  • Printed in full color & easy to design
  • Build your brand with minimal outlay
  • No minimum order
  • Three year guarantee

Made from stunning satin, these custom fabric labels for handmade items will take your products to the next level.

There are 13 size options, allowing you to promote both big and small products. These custom labels for clothing come in packs of 10, 20, 40, 100 or 200. There's no minimum order for custom clothing labels, which is perfect for small DIY projects or if you're just setting up a crafts business. Choose folded or flat custom clothing labels and add an extra professional touch to your homemade things. The satin is smooth with a shiny finish, so the custom tags for clothing won't irritate your skin.
  • Lovingly handmade in one facility
  • Made from shiny, smooth satin
  • Sold in packs of 10, 20, 40, 100 or 200
  • 13 size options and no minimum order
  • Choose folded or flat fabric labels
  • Vibrant, full-color print with a white reverse side
  • Washing machine and dryer safe
  • Make great custom tags for clothing
  • Or create personalized labels for handmade items
  • Free care instruction icons in the image library
  • Three-year guarantee on print and material

Care instructions

Our fabric labels have a permanent wash fast print. The material is strong, yet soft, and will easily last the life of your garment or accessory. To ensure your label stays in tip-top condition we recommend ironing at 86°C maximum. Cool washing, 104°F maximum. Tumble drying on low heat. Exceeding these settings can result in color bleed.

  • Wash At 104°F
  • Low Heat
  • Tumble 1

Personalized Clothing Labels Sizes

Folded: custom fabric labels in 1x1", 0.75x1.4", 1.4x1.4", 1.55x1", 2x1", 2x2" (please note that dimensions are approximate, as bleed areas need to be accounted for)

Flat: custom clothing labels 1.4x0.6", 2x0.6", 2x1.4", 2x2", 3.1x2", 2.75x1", 3.5x2.75" (please note that dimensions are approximate, as bleed areas need to be accounted for)

Care: Your satin personalized clothing labels can be machine washed at 86°F and also tumble dried. 

Options for Satin Custom Fabric Tags for Clothing

Folded: these custom clothing tags have a closed edge and the cut edge has to be sewn in. If you are creating a folded label, see this advice: how to position your design on a folded custom clothing label.

Flat: alternatively, these custom labels for clothing have heat-sealed cut edges. The ends are meant to be folded as we don’t achieve a skin side finished edge. Instead, it’s just sealed to be non-fray. All the flat personalized clothing labels have a +0.4" seam allowance added to each side (on top of the stated fabric label size). You can sew it flat with no fold, and it's probably best to use scissor to cut the edge off, but there will be a risk of fraying.

Maximize your brand with personalized sewing labels

Having personalized sewing labels is vital for brand recognition if you are a garment designer or operate your own clothing brand. Custom clothing tags are one such touch that may greatly boost your products. These custom labels for clothing not only offer a professional touch to your items, but also allow you to leave your mark on every creation.

Custom labels for clothing offer your things a professional, finished look that impresses consumers and peers alike, whether you're constructing one-of-a-kind pieces or producing a clothing line. The benefit of custom sewing labels is that you have complete control over their design. To design custom clothing tags, you may select the size, color, font, and even the material.


When you buy six-packs of custom clothing labels, the price per pack is cheaper, helping you save money on your branding expenditure. Design your own clothing labels today and wow customers with these impressive custom tags for clothing. To receive a wholesale discount on your order, simply contact our lovely customer service team.

Lovingly handcrafted custom clothing tags

These custom clothing tags are a beautiful addition to your handmade business. We print directly onto the satin, locking the colors deep into the fabric fibers. This creates a lasting print on your personalized clothing labels that won't crack or peel away over time or with washing. We cut the satin to size and finish it to your specification; either folded or flat. Made from 100% polyester soft woven satin fabric, our full-color custom clothing labels offer outstanding wear and abrasion resistance. The woven satin printed fabric labels can be used on any type of garment, from t-shirts and boxer shorts to jackets and footwear. Due to the print quality of the fabric, our custom fabric labels display a smooth and soft appearance with luster, giving the finished garment a rich feel. Three-year guarantee on print and material.

While we use a woven satin textile, your custom garment labels are not embroidered. They are printed on to give you the greater advantage of excellent color print, full brand logo and better readability.

Please note: If you opt for folded personalized sewing labels, these will not be pre-folded. 

Keep it clean

To achieve the best results, keep your custom garment label design clean and bold. Do not use font sizes under 10pt or lightweight and fine fonts. Keep in mind the size of the personalized sewing labels you are producing. Small labels only have room for a logo. For care labels with lots of instruction text, choose a larger size. For a branding fabric label layout, here are some useful tips:

Label design tips
Sewing custom clothing tags on your apparel will help your brand gain recognition. Our custom garment labels have been purchased by a wide range of designer brands and featured in thousands of collections. If you have your own logo or brand name, simply upload the image into our maker, and the design system will let you preview the custom printed fabric label. Your custom fabric labels will be on their way soon.

Due to the production process that we use, there is the possibility of some seconds or borderline cases of labels. When this occurs, we would automatically include these with your order (free of charge) in the hope that you might be able to make use of them. We feel that this is a much better solution than just tossing the custom clothing tags away. If you notice these cases within your order, it's worth checking as it's likely that they have been sent as extras rather than as part of your order. Due to its handmade nature, it is possible that small sections of printed cutting lines may be visible in your personalized clothing labels. 

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