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Custom Gift Cards

Custom Gift Cards

Personalized Gift Cards via Email

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Need a unique gift idea for a wedding gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, or special occasion gift, but...

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Custom Gift Cards

  • Great wedding gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, or special occasion gift
  • Choose from a wide variety of denominations for the perfect gift card amount
  • Online email delivery

Bags of Love Custom Gift Cards are the perfect way to send a unique gift without having to go through the trouble of choosing which of our wide range of products will be perfect for the recipient.

Choose a theme for the gift card, insert your own personal pictures and text, and then we email it directly to you. The Bags of Love Gift Certificate comes as a file with a redemption code for an immediate email to the end recipient You choose which theme you want for your custom gift cards, and we print it right away. Personalized gift cards via email are perfect for last-minute gift-givers for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and baby shower gifts!
  • Available in a wide range of values
  • 5 theme designs:
  • Wedding, birthday, baby gift, Christmas, Classic Gorgeous
  • Printable voucher emailed directly to you
  • Comes as an online file with a redemption code
  • Voucher ID is added during the checkout process
  • Add your own personalized message
  • Vouchers are valid for 12 months

Custom Gift Card Themes:

  • Classic Gorgeous Gift Card
  • Wedding Gift Card
  • Birthday Gift Card
  • Baby Gift Card
  • Christmas Gift Card

Personalized gift cards via email

These gift vouchers are also the perfect option for when you accidentally forget a birthday or special occasion because they are be emailed directly to you. Don't worry, we won't tell them that you forgot!

Note: We do not charge anything extra to make custom gift cards. You simply pay for the voucher value.

Choose a gift card design

The design of your gift vouchers is all taken care of for you. All you need to do is select the design best suited for the occasion and the recipient. As well as choosing the design and the custom gift cards value, you can also create a personalized message. You can treat this as an actual gift card, and fill it with all of the sentiments and words of love that you want. 

Who wouldn't love these custom gift cards? They really are the perfect gift choice, as you put the gift-buying power into the recipient's hands. For that one friend who is an absolute nightmare to buy for, and always seems to return whatever gift they get, treat them to a personalized gift voucher from Bags of Love, and they will be amazed at what they can get. Or what about your sister, who already seems to have everything? A generous voucher for personalized photo gifts is sure to be something they have never received before. The vouchers aren't just a great gift idea for them; they are also great for you! If you are so busy, that you never have the time to hunt for presents in the shops or online, then one of our special, custom gift cards will be the answer to your present-buying woes. Is it your mom's birthday today? Did you forget? Don't worry, we have you covered. Order custom gift cards online and we will email it to you right away. Your status as the favorite child remains intact! 

The recipient may like to upgrade or add extra services or features to the order at their discretion and cost.

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